Being Generous and Systemised is the Way to Business Success Says Strategist.

According to one leading Geelong Businesswoman, sincere generosity is the path to success along with creating a better system.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics states the number of businesses exiting was up by 0.5% to 261, 450 in the last survey taken. In addition to this an Australian Small Business and Family Small BUsiness ombudsman report says Small business is the least assisted sector of the economy.

Genaya Hutchinson, founder of Support Strategies Business support says businesses need all the help they can get- and sharing knowledge is important. It starts wtih generosity says Genaya. Get generous in your community says the successful entrpeneur. One of my favorite business mentors is Seth Godin. Seth says “Generosity creates trust, but also worth noting that trust is required to provide generosity”. Get in contact with a variety of organisations in your community and gift them your time or energy, it needs to be something you feel connected to and in alignment with. Perhaps a staff discount for your products benefits their employees. Do it with gusto and real passion, not only will you feel great but people will talk about acts of service. According to Genaya if you take posotive action your business will reward itself tenfold.

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This along with fine-tuning systems within your business to help you maximise outcomes is key to success. Again we go to influencers like Elon Musk- For example, Elon was told building a traffic tunnel system under a USA city was going to be too expensive – why? The digging process was costly and complicated, time-consuming. Elon’s answer? Come up with a better digging system to reduce the cost and time by a factor of 4, thus making it not only possible but happening! The tunnel went from costing $1 billion to roughly $250 million. Systems work!

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2019 is a real year for Action, says Genaya, so we are very enthused about helping people and offering knowledge- small business is our passion. Genaya will be releasing a series of blogs and articles to help share this information in the coming months.

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