Digital is the New Watering Hole

Online communication is the new watering hole of the 21st century. It is the tribal fire that people flock to, to gather around and shoot the breeze, to check up on the latest happenings and gossip. It’s changing the way we as humans interact, even  if it’s not replacing old standards like social gatherings, bars, and such.

Humans need interactions and connection, and so the internet morphs with what the people want. Developers respond to the needs of the psychological masses in a way that is unprecedented. Many say we are losing our ability to communicate. However, online communication is simply a newer form, and you will see as it remediates it also evolves—not just in chat rooms. Video, peer-to-peer marketing, and interaction is more called for than ever.


“A website establishes that a brand exists, but a social media page establishes that the brand is active,” says Peter Roesler in his Inc article.


Snapchat, Periscope, and Instagram’s new Stories feature, for instance, bring moving accounts into a person’s hand. YouTube allows users to sit in on livestreams as well as recorded videos. Business webinars are becoming more and more common. Instagram harbors 5,000,000 monthly active Australian users, according to Social Media Statistics Australia, whilst Snapchat has 4,000,000 daily active Australian users and 1 in 2 Australians use YouTube.


So we have old style need for human interaction which is interrupting the internet as we knew it previously and bringing with it a new era. Bring your etiquette, bring your manners, and be a good citizen. Don’t engage with haters or bring negativity into your online spaces.


The beauty of social media and being internet savvy is that you can have the main street exposure, the big retail store, the epic letterbox drop, and article in the hands of locals for less than a meal at a fancy restaurant. But you need a social media strategy—it’s crucial to your marketing plan—and that’s where Geelong Social Media can help.


About Geelong Social Media

Geelong Social Media is a high-performance team made up of business mentors, wordsmiths, photographers, graphic artists, and inspirers that thrive on developing multi-layered brands that gain a loyal following through trust and integrity. Hosting a passion for research, curiosity, growth, dedication and helping people and businesses find their voice and shine their brightest through digital interaction, in the world that demands continual and meaningful engagement, entertainment, instant information, and rewards. For more information, please visit:


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