Tradies, hang onto your Hard Yakka’s, the Solution is Here!

Tradies Nationwide have called for a solution to business bookkeeping nightmares, and the remedy is here! Quicker than a retractable tape measure and more accurate than a TopCon laser level, Books 4 Tradies has been over a year in the making, with the new start up is causing a stir in the accounting and executive data industry. Why? Because the success of the service is tangible and desperately needed.

According to the Australian Institute for Suicide construction workers – who are almost exclusively men are twice as high as other males to take their own life.  One of the reported reasons? Insolvency and stress.

“So many other industries have business support in place that is very specific to the building and construction area, this is not the case for Tradies,” says Genaya.

“Having a solution is one thing, but it has to be nimble, affordable and provide a service that is the standout. This is what we have achieved with Books4Tradies. Only launching this month, the response has been phenomenal, and the phone is running hot.” says founder Genaya Hutchinson. “We knew it would speak to the hearts of hardworking tradespeople needing assistance, but nothing could have prepared us for the positive response.”

“The biggest problem we see regularly is cash flow. The construction and building industry fluctuate constantly. It rains, and then it pours, then it dries up to a tipping point. This is when the “Uh Oh” kicks in.  Sometimes it only takes one big job to refuse payment for a few weeks, and the building problem underneath of poor cash flow escalates into a disaster. This is bad for business sure, but more importantly, the stress it can add to families and small business operators is awful. I wanted to help, but I knew we needed something industry specific that was simplified.”

So the journey began. Genaya Hutchinson, the woman behind the company, is a mother and beloved Geelong local with an amazing breadth in administrative management and bookkeeping executive services that has platformed a career spanning two decades. Genaya believes that being in business requires strategic agility and an eye for fiscal diagnostics, as identifying key areas that need attention is often how a small business can either activate growth or avoid a disaster.

The most popular feature of the Start-Up is the packages, so businesses know how much they will be paying each month with no unpleasant surprises. Genya’s team is certified in Xero, Intuit, and MYOB and uses the Pure Bookkeeping system along with some other secret herbs and spices to fully customize the service for Tradies.

Support is here for tradies or someone you know who might need a hand.

Mates in Construction: 1300 642 111

Lifeline: 13 11 14


For more Information about Books 4 Tradies go to: insert contact details


About Books 4 Tradies


Books 4 Tradies understands that being a tradesperson and working for yourself is a brave step. You have developed your craft, and you want to dictate your own time and your terms while growing a successful business. Balance is important too, and the time for the other things in life that matter a great deal. Books 4 Tradies understands this and has developed a series of packages from the sole operator to the big business that assists in simplifying the front end so you can do what you do best. Behind the scenes, we are working as a part of your team to make sure your financials are sorted. You need a team with strategic agility and an eye for fiscal diagnostics. Because identifying key areas that require attention is often how a business can either activate growth or avoid a disaster.  



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